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Why buying a pool in autumn

Slovakia: Bratislava, 17.08.2011
Our company Compass Ceramic is a Slovak producer of the pools with a long tradition, supported by a peak Australian technology for producing pools. Our products are characterised by a number of exceptional properties which differ from the competition significantly.


If you dont want to have just a nice pool, but functional and of high quality as well, such perfection can mediate you only progressive Compass models.

Increased rigidity and flexibility of the materials is achieved applying a ceramic powder (core) by the production of the Compass pools. Moreover, ceramic core ensures setting the pool each customer’s place easily. The Compass pools are the only on the market that dont require reinforced concrete under the bottom of the pool, regardless, whether the pool is located indoors or outdoors. Setting of the Compass pools is applied on a gravel bed. After installation, the pool is gradually impregnated with water and filled with gravel or dry concrete.

Quality materials which ensure high quality of the surface and 3D coloured structure are used for the surface finish treatment of the Compass pools.

Self-cleaning Vantage System is another unique accessory of the Compass pools. There are patented staggered nozzles at the bottom of the pool which care for all-season cleaning and perfect water stirring in your pool.

Now, we would like to return to the title of this article and explain you the benefits of buying the Compass Pool in autumn.


As mentioned above, the Compass pools are fixed to the gravel bed allowing their realisation both in autumn and winter months. Thus, at this time, a customer can realize all the work associated with a swimming pool and its very surroundings, such as:

  • Pit excavation
  • The construction of a gravel bed
  • Filling the pool
  • Beach concreting
  • Landscaping
  • Planting of greenery

In the early spring months, we install the technology and put the pool into service. The customer can fully take the advantage of the spring months for having rest and relax by the pool and not to wait for the pool realization.

Another advantage of the autumn realization is a distribution of the investments for the pool into two parts. In autumn, the customer pays for the housing and installing the pool and in spring, he pays for the ordered technology and accessories.

We believe that our offer will influence your decision making about purchasing a Compass pool in autumn.Our special offer valid until 30/10/2011 is: you get a free gift to the each pool you buy. If you find the information in the article interesting, feel free to contact our trained sales professionals or visit us in our Showroom where you can make sure about the quality and elegance of the Compass pools. 


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Current location: Compass Pools Balkan