It´s like when you sweep the floor. You make a dirt pile, scope it and throw it in the bin. SELF-CLEANING POOL does all of this for you.

The pool cleans itself while you enjoy your swim

Enjoy the pool that cleans itself, saves money and uses less chemicals, while you are having fun with your kids.


All this is enhanced by high performance, reliability, and flawless design. The VANTAGE system is almost invisible and will not disturb the look of your new and beautiful pool.

The nozzles and accessories for the VANTAGE system are available in three colours complementing the colours of your pool.

Why you must have it?

Effortless pool at last...

  • Works anytime, even during the swimming time,
  • works automatically at pre-set intervals,
  • is absolutely safe and inaudible,
  • cleans all debris and dirt.

…all that you do is enjoying your pool!

Self-cleaning iQ pool - find in 36 seconds how to clean Compass pool
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