04. 03. 2014

YACHT POOL succeeds in international design competitions

YACHT POOL, unique ceramic pool with integrated whirpool, has won two prestigious design awards - IF Product Design and RED DOT design Award.

YACHT POOL wons TWO design awards

In 2014 Compass Ceramic Pools and his YACHT POOL visual concept has been awarded two prestigious desing prizesIF PRODUCT DESIGN award and RED DOT Design Award.

YACHT POOL has won two prestigious design award IF Product Design and RED DOT Design Award.
YACHT POOL has won two prestigious design award


The idea of a pool that would enable to experience strong emotions at the very first sight was developed by Compass Ceramic Pools company owners approximately two years ago. They intended, as usually, to come up with something unique that no one else can offer.

After the introduction of a self-cleaning system Vantage and Compass iQ – intelligent pool control, useful tools making every pool owner´s life easier, there came a time for a product of excellent design, full of emotions, triggering the wow-effect. And this all has been embodied in YACHT POOL, a product that arises strong desire and saturates all senses. YACHT POOL is a pool with integrated whirpool, inspired by sea cruises, outdoor activities, freedom and hedonic „Carpe diem“ lifestyle.

Great idea + swift realization = success guaranteed

The whole realization process, which included drawing, protype manufacturing, thorough testing tuning up of all manufacturing details and technological processes, and introducing the product at nearly all important European pool fairs, took less then two years.

Throughout that period the YACHT POOL had earned lots of positive reactions. The design award was only a logical outcome of this graceful recognition. Now it has been confirmed that YACHT POOL undoubtedly has the potentially to become an excellent companion of every customer who decides to buy it. You can a close look at the YACHT POOL in the IF award on-line gallery and RED DOT.

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