FAST LANE POOL - for sport activity

Long and elegant pool for sport and leisure swimming

Wybierz rozmiar


Length 12,20 m
Width 2,90 m
Depth 1,50 m
Capacity 43 m3

Rollo Cover

The Compass Pools Rollo Cover chamber is an integral part of your pool and contains an immerged mechanism with guiding wheels.

Rollo Cover


A luxury pool with pure lines and timeless design – this is the exceptionally narrow and endless FAST LANE ceramic pool, perfectly complementary with modern architecture. This pool was developed for those who prefer to workout a few fast swimming paces. Thanks to its length and sloped bottom it is perfectly suitable also for water ball games.


  • built-in steps and seats are situated at the pool corner
  • the step ledge all around the pool enables the swimmers to leave the pool at any point
  • integrated hydrostatic valve
  • pool steps and bottom are finished with non-slip coating
  • this pool can be equipped with integrated slatted cover Compass Pools Rollo Cover
  • a handle on the lengthwise sides for the slatted cover safe fitting