Compass coping stones
Make your pool perfect!
The beauty can be found in small details. This is the reason, why we were searching for the best coping stones to fit to our pools. Finally we’ve found them, in Greece. The quality is guaranteed by Compass pool professionals!

Coping stones

We vote for the quality material, wonderful design and safe movement to our pools – and you can get this all with our marble Coping Stones


make your pool perfect

We offer the coping stones in six stones variations and in their different colors:

  • Kavala
  • Sunny
  • California
  • East Gray
  • Granite Gray
  • Granite Black


Choose the best stone profile for your pool:

  • Standard safety profile with hand-grip at the edge
  • Safety profile with hand-grip and unique design
  • Clean profile
  • Bull-nose profile
  • Set for sun-deck above the Rollo Cover pit

All outside sizes are 60×30 cm

NOTE: These are the natural stones, that meant, they are coming as the mother nature has created them. You can find some small differences in colour and texture on the surface

Coping stones

Natural stones add timeless quality to any size of pool can be used for the construction of luxury renovations and additions.

The value of marble lies in its obvious and inherent qualities:

  • timeless elegance
  • ancient feel
  • adaptability to any style
  • durability and strength