01. 06. 2016

A pool + yacht = true relax called YACHT POOL

Are you the kind of romantic person who always dreamed of adventurous cruises around the world and would love to relax sailing the sea, enjoying the freedom and feel the fresh ocean wind?

yacht pool

And maybe you are too busy to take your dream voyage or don´t feel strong enough to leave the ground? Then we´ve got something just for you, a great formula that can make you feel your dreams coming true. It´s really cool, relaxing and you can use it every day. Take a pool, a yacht, and shake it together – and here you go, you´ve got a YACHT POOL.

You may not know what a YACHT POOL means, because you haven´t heard about this latest pool type invented by Compass Ceramic Pools yet. In that case please read on so that you don´t miss out a great opportunity to try a pool that moved home pool bathing standard to a higher level.

Two pleasures in one

YACHT POOL was build for those who love yachts and sea cruises. It offers a combination of a pool and a luxury vessel, and on top of that it is perfectly usable for everyday pool bathing and whirpool relaxation. It´s not just an ordinary whirpool. It´s a yacht bow, and that allows you to relax in an Arabian sheik´s style – it makes you feel like sailing the sea on a luxury yacht. If you switch on the backflow and massage jets, the „yacht cruise“ feeling gets even stronger. Moreover, you can also enjoy its beautiful board with stylish teak floor and stainless steel railing.

Close your eyes, change gear and sail

The nightfall has come – now it is the right time for a great show. The YACHT POOL is lighten up with LED lights and equipped with components evoking ship cockpit facilities. Close your eyes, listen to the water gurgling in the whirpool and just have a great time!

Your gardens as a yacht harbour

YACHT POOL seems to be one of the most interesting products at the pool market of all times. „When we first introduced YACHT POOL, we were a bit tense. But it raised much more interest than we had ever expected,“ says Ing. Miroslav Ruziak, Compass Ceramic Pools sales manager. „We were quite surprised, as we introduce new product models periodically, but we have never experienced such an overwhelming public response.

Follow YACHT POOL on Facebook. You find here all about YACHT POOL on exhibitions, about special edition „dressed in black“ and photos of instalations.

Follow YACHT POOL on Facebook. You find here all about YACHT POOL on exhibitions, about special edition "dressed in black" and photos of instalations.