26. 07. 2016

Which time is the best for purchasing a pool?

Customers often ask, which time of the year is the best for pool purchase and installation. Autumn or spring? Both seasons have their cons and pros. In our comparison, the apparent winner is…

Advantages to autumn pool installation

1. Lower price

During the autumn the distributors offer better prices. After the hot summer many people decide to purchase their own pool and seasonal discount offer usually makes their decision final.

2. Beautiful garden since the spring begins

Pool installation is complete and you need to sort out the pool surrounding. Autumn months are perfect time for reconstructing or planting the garden or seeding the lawn. At spring you don´t have to be ashamed when inviting your neighbors in celebration of your new pool.

3. Spreading the costs

Purchasing a pool during autumn time can be more financially feasible thanks to the possibility of spreading the investment in two parts. In autumn time you pay for pool shell and its installation and during the spring time for the pool technology and accessories.


Easy and quick installation: Compass pools can be installed even in the case of unexpected freeze. Ceramic pools installation does not require concrete base plate anymore, so the unexpected freeze arrival won´t destroy your construction plans.

Advantages to spring pool installation

1. More choice

During the spring season, pool producers come with news and introduce new pool models and technologies. This means you can pay higher prices than in autumn time.

2. Faster installation due to better weather conditions

Presumably, the spring weather is usually warmer than the autumn one. Installation of the pool technology requires the temperature at least 10 °C. Colder weather requires more expensive technologies or materials.

3. Lower price of winter time orders

The distributors come with seasonal discounts on last year models during January and February.

Whether you decide for spring or autumn, you should consider the pool purchase having regard to the house construction. Pool installation means some landscape change and that´s why it´s better to construct the pool at the same time as the house. To see the whole construction process, go to the article How to build a swimming pool step by step.

Good luck in your decision. And: have a nice swimming!