04. 08. 2016

EUROSPAPOOLNEWS: The brand new Factory of Compass Ceramic Pools officially opened

It was written about us in an internet professional pool-business platform: EUROSPAPOOLNEWS

We were invited to the Opening Ceremony of new factory of COMPASS CERAMIC POOLS and by this occassion we met and spoke with Mr. Miro RUZIAK, the owner and Sales Director.

To the Opening of the new Factory of COMPASS CERAMIC POOLS (CCP), which took place on the 2. June 2016 in Senec close to Bratislava, came approximately 200 people from different parts of Europe and also from countries out of EU.

Program was amazing and we were taken for a sightseeing journey within the new factory, which was primary held by the General Manager of Compass – Tibor Meszaros and secondary by both owners Zoltan Berghauer and Miro Ruziak. The company organized great entertainment with live band and dancers, tasty catering and many well known celebrities from Slovakia came to support CCP as well.

Mr. Ruziak, how long did it take to completely rebuilt your factory and how much did it cost?

The completely destroying fire at our factory was on the 16.7. 2015. From that time we were hardly working to open the new factory as soon as possible. We invested approximately 1,5 mil. EUR. But as the reconstruction took one year, we didn’t want to lose our customers and had to come with something, what we called “temporary factory”. We hired a space near to Senec and started producing pools there. This helped us a lot to stay on the market although with a smaller capacity of produced pools per day.

What are the main characteristics of your new factory?

We have the most modern factory in EU thanks to the technology inside, the spraying guns and booths and the best air condition ever.
We also added some offices there, so our production managers can keep their eyes on the production during every moment of the process. The main advantage is that we doubled the production capacity and from this time we can produce 10 pools per day.

What are your main targets?

Firstly, we need to stabilize the production and to satisfy the expectations of our customers. When the fire completely destroyed our factory, we had hundreds of pools, which were ordered by our customers and needed to be produced. Our temporary factory produced the most important amount, but there are still some pools ahead of us from the last year. As we announced our temporary factory, our dealers kept on selling the pools within their territories and we have now plenty of work to do by the production. Our customers supported us immediately after the fire and we want to thank them to staying with us. We also opened the Department for Innovations and Research, which soon comes with its results in the better product features.


Compass grand opening of new compass factory 01

Compass grand opening of new compass factory 19