AQUA NOVA ceramic pool with compact design and proportions suitable for smaller family houses and also for installation indoors.


Length 7,75 m
Width 3,55 m
Depth 1,51 m
Capacity 40 m3

Rollo Cover

The Compass Pools Rollo Cover chamber is an integral part of your pool and contains an immerged mechanism with guiding wheels.

Rollo Cover



Water (AQUA in Latin) provides the best hot summer refreshment. Plunge into the AQUA NOVA pool and enjoy the big water fun. Compact proportions and design with built-in staircase makes AQUA NOVA ceramic pool suitable for every family house type, for both garden and indoors. It is also possible to build it into the former pool pit.




  • built-in steps and compact shape enable installation to any possible place without any limits, e.g. into the former pool pit
  • the step ledge all around the pool together with built-in handle ensure maximum safety for both small and grown-up non-swimmers
  • integrated hydrostatic valve
  • pool steps and bottom are finished with non-slip coating