Length 11,00 m
Width 4,00 m
Depth 1,12 - 1,82 m
Capacity 52 m3

Rollo Cover

The Compass Pools Rollo Cover chamber is an integral part of your pool and contains an immerged mechanism with guiding wheels.

Rollo Cover


Standard pools allow only one swimmer to swim at a time.Two lanes Trainer allows two or more people to swim together. Trainer’s extra width suits water games and cross-training programs. Aquatic training is gentle on bones and joints and is perfect for both the elderly and young.


  • Modern geometric shape with two lanes
  • Two staircases with integrated relaxation zone
  • Gradually sloping pool bottom suits both the elderly and children
  • Wide steps and integrated relaxation zone where massage nozzles or air massage devices may be installed
  • The step ledge makes small swimmers feel safe
  • Relaxation zone in the deeper part of the pool
  • Integrated hydrostatic valve
  • Possibility to install the Vantage self-cleaning system