FUN 80

Enjoy FUN – entertaining, practical and the most popular pool

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Length 8,00 m
Width 3,75 m
Depth 1,50 m
Capacity 36 m3

Rollo Cover

The Compass Pools Rollo Cover chamber is an integral part of your pool and contains an immerged mechanism with guiding wheels.

Rollo Cover


Most of us dream of having a universal pool – for exercising, relaxing and entertainment. That’s the reason we have created the FUN ceramic pool with two comfortable staircases and enough space for both swimming and having fun in the water.

FUN became one of the most popular pools in our offer and nowadays it is already available in four sizes

Enjoy the FUN!


  • safety step ledge all around the pool
  • FUN 83 and FUN 100 can be supplied with slatted cover Compass Rollo Cover
  • handle situated all around the pool for safe usage of the slatted cover
  • integrated hydrostatic valve
  • pool steps and bottom are finished with non-slip coating