RIVERINA is an elegant ceramic pool of round shape, designed to go with classical architecture

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Length 6,72 m
Width 3,44 m
Depth 1,11 - 1,57 m
Capacity 24 m3


The inspiration for organic (round) shapes and for the ceramic pool name RIVERINA was derived from Mother Nature. RIVERINA’s graceful curves perfectly fit the classical architecture, natural gardens or indoors. RIVERINA’s beauty, the wide and comfortable staircase and relax benches will be appreciated by those who desire round pool shapes.


  • gradually descending pool bottom is suitable for children and the elderly
  • wide staircase and built-in relaxation zone, which may be fitted with massage jets or air massage device
  • handle and step ledge all around the pool allow the less proficient swimmers to feel safe and help easily step out of water
  • relaxation zone in the deeper part of the pool
  • integrated hydrostatic valve
  • pool steps and bottom are finished with non-slip coating