BRILIANT ceramic pools are practical, elegant and for reasonable price


Length 8,67 m
Width 3,71 m
Depth 1,50 m
Capacity 45 m3

Rollo Cover

The Compass Pools Rollo Cover chamber is an integral part of your pool and contains an immerged mechanism with guiding wheels.

Rollo Cover


A diamond is said to be a woman’s best friend.

And BRILIANT pool is our most popular ceramic pool. We have faceted it to perfection – you can see for yourself: corner staircase allows you to use every centimeter possible for swimming. Its elegant design suits every house and its affordable price will satisfy even the extreme penny pinchers.


  • the entrance steps with non-slip coating are designed to provide as much space for swimming as possible
  • the step ledge all around the pool ensures safe step in and out
  • massage jets can be installated into the sitting and relaxation area
  • pool steps and bottom are finished with non-slip coating


Adjusted BRILIANT version´s extras:

  • space for slatted cover Compass Rollo Cover installation
  • handle situated all around the pool for safe usage of the slatted cover